To have and to hold: celebrating our 6 year anniversary

6 years has gone by this fast?! I can't believe it. Cecilio and I have been on a roller coaster, we've seen each other at our worst but yet I still want to be with him. Our relationship has been getting better and better each day. I will admit, we kinda started off rocky at first. Of course I loved him but I wasn't sure about the future at first. We had some misunderstandings and I had some friends from the young adult church group I used to go to that didn't approve of him...but I don't want to get too into that. We've had so many adventures together. He is my absolute best friend. I could be having a horrible day but seeing him light me up. I love how silly we can be together one moment but have a deep conversation the next moment.

I would like to recall about how we first met.

We both graduated from high school in 2007. He lived in Davis, I in Elk Grove. We both had something in common: we were interested in writing and journalism and wanted to be apart of The Express newspaper at Sacramento City College. I was in my senior year of high school writing and designing layout pages for our school newspaper. He did the same thing for his (well except the designing part). So during 2007, Myspace was the thing and not Facebook. So he went and wrote on the bulletin boards for the Sac City page on Myspace asking about The Express and I responded and said I was going to be a part of it. So he added me as a friend and we kinda talked for a bit about it. He also congratulated me a bit when I announced on the bulletin that I got my license (God, I hope to get it back again...I hate seizures). I found him on Facebook too then I added him and we talked for a bit there.

First day of college came, and I was looking for him in our 2 classes together: an AP style journalism grammar class and The Express newspaper class. I was late to the classroom because they switched it but when I came in I found him. The class ended and he walked out and I was slowly walking behind him because I guess I just wanted to make new friends...I had a boyfriend at the time so I wasn't interested in anything more. I just hated high school so I wanted a new start. (That's why I went to Sac City and not Cosumnes River College, which is another community college that was actually a lot closer to me and where most people from high school went to)

Someone drives by me and asks me for directions somewhere.

I tell them the directions, then Cecilio looks behind me and sees me. He knew it was me who he was talking to online. So we started to talk a little bit. It was very awkward at first because ok, here we are finally meeting in person after kinda sorta talking on Myspace and Facebook. Then we went to our newspaper class and sat next to each other. Then after the class went we went said goodbye each other.

The next class meeting was a little bit better. He started opening up a bit more to me. Then one day he and his friends were hanging out at the student center and I invited them over with my friends. Then we all started hanging out a bit, taking the light rail during lunch break and going to downtown Sacramento or getting pizza. I even invited him to my 18th birthday party here (it was also a costume party since my birthday is close to Halloween):

Also with my friends Nate and Christina. I was a pinup girl. Cecilio was Zorro. My dad nicknamed him Zorro or "Z" ever since.

Sac City days with Christina

Throughout all of this, my boyfriend at the time did not like him. I could see why but I never thought anything more of it. Mind you, this guy was 2 grades below me (so when we were freshmen in college, he was a junior in high school). I would gush over him, but we played a lot of mind games because...well, he was very immature for his age even though he was younger than me. It was very volatile. Now whenever Cecilio and I reminisce, he said he would barf whenever I used to gush "Oh Austin is so mature for his age!"

Then one time, the ex had it and texted Cecilio to leave me alone and then it blew up into this huge fight. I got so embarrassed to be caught in the middle of the drama. I loved the ex and I thought we were going to be together forever like promised. Months later, he breaks up with me and Cecilio had to find out through Myspace that he started dating someone else less than a week later. I was so heartbroken because we were together for 2 years and 3 months. But rather than wallowing and pining for him, I blocked him so I could recover faster.

Cecilio felt so bad for me. Later on he told me he wanted to hug me and comfort me to let me know everything would be ok. I started recovering by going to church again, getting an on campus job at the Mac computer lab, and finding myself. We started getting to know each other better. We would talk on AIM until the wee hours of night. We even talked on Thanksgiving until 3 am when I went to Reno with my family!

At the In Flames concert in SF, 3 months before we started dating

Then on Valentine's Day 2009, he showed up across the street from my house at night. He left a bag of Hot Cheetos and a teddy bar at my doorstep. I wasn't there at the time because I was out with friends. But I came home at 1:30 am and I called him, and I asked if it was him. He told me to come outside. There he was with his guitar, playing "True Love Waits" by Radiohead. We talked inside my living room and decided that we did like each other and wanted to be together. The rest is history. Well, we did break up for a few days, but my mom and older sister knew I still had feelings for him even though I resisted, they convinced me to go back out with him. So we decided to give it another chance.

So here we are. We have gone through so much together: our trips to SF, going to Canada for my cousin's wedding, coping with each other's health issues (when I first had my stroke/seizure in 2011, I was unconscious for 3 days then I woke up to him, my dad and pastor from church), watching my dad pass away 2 years ago, etc. I just love and admire how patient and loving he is towards me and supporting my dreams. When I reapplied to the graphic design program 2 years ago, I had another seizure 2 weeks before the portfolio submission date was due. So I couldn't drive for another 6 months. So he came to my house at 6 am to help me go to Kinkos, go to campus, etc. He has helped me so much and I apologize and constantly show him how appreciative I am. He always says,"I do this because I love you". He has been there to take me to my doctors appointments and has coped with me being always upset in the clinic.

We just get each other in many ways. I forget what a life was like without him, and I am just amazed how our relationship gets better and better each moment. We still have our weak moments and arguments but we don't insult each other, cuss each other out, hurt each other (physically or emotionally) or disrespect each other. It's not worth it. I sometimes go on and on about something (it's a woman thing) but we bounce back.

I've always wanted that true love since I was little. I guess the Disney movies corrupted me but as I grew older I realized that there's more to it than that...we have something better. And I was broken from past relationships and I am just forever thankful that being with him gives me that hope. It's never too late for love ladies! Find someone who loves you, respects you and treats you like you're the world. And someone who is your best friend. Someone you can be serious with but also have fun with. 

I can't wait for our future endeavors and for many moments to come. I love you.

First date walking around at the UC Davis Arboretum

My 20th birthday party

Express Days

tender moments

His UC Davis graduation in 2012
Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada

At my cousin's wedding in Canada

The Oakland A's vs SF Giants Game

California State Fair 2013

Inside the ferry boat to SF

Here's a bonus pic of us in SF exactly 2 years ago...he hates this picture but I am absolutely obsessed!

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