The secret ingredient to getting oil off of your hair...

I felt that lately, my hair texture has been feeling rough, and not soft and silky, not something I can easily twirl and run through my fingers. I was looking for a solution. I went on to makeupsocial app only iPhone and asked about how I can get softer hair. Most people responded with coconut oil or Moroccan oil. I have coconut oil, but I decided to use olive oil instead. I researched the benefits of olive oil for hair: its been known to strengthen the hair and scalp, and condition and soften it. It also promotes hair growth too. I'm sold.

So I took 1/3 cup of olive oil last night and lathered it on, making sure that no section was untouched. I left it for 15 minutes before I showered it off. Then I showered using my regular shampoo and conditioner. Nope. Still feels slimy and greasy.

Had to wear a ponytail all day.

I totally regretted it. But I also researched (um...googled on 5 websites and Yahoo!Answers) on how to get rid of the oil. And then there soap.

I usually use Cascade to clean the dishes but we ran out so I used this. It actually smells good. I like the smell of olive oil too, but It makes sense to use dish soap (as weird as it sounds) because I clean my makeup brushes combining olive oil and dish soap and it completely gets rid of all the gunk. And come on, dish soap is supposed to clean the oil!

So I squeezed a small dollop and put this all over my hair. Then I waited for 5 minutes then showered again using my Neutrogena Anti-Residue Formula Shampoo which helps with combating grease. I condition with my usual Nioxin.

This method got rid of most (I'd say like 75%) of the gunk, but I still have a section where I can feel the slime. So I'm hoping that the next shower session or two I use this method and it completely comes off. Still, I'm happy with this method so far. My tresses (that are no longer tainted with oil) feel soft. 

I guess maybe 1/3 cup of olive oil was a bit much. I've made a hair mask before using baking soda, yogurt and eggs and I was pretty pleased with the results so I will probably be open to using kitchen products in the future. I would prefer to stick with the store brought products. I don't personally believe in not shampooing (some people swear that no shampoo improves their hair and makes it healthier and more beautiful) because if I don't do it 3 times a week, it looks and feels greasy. I'm not completely knocking down olive oil for beauty either, I used to use it to remove my makeup and I noticed that my eyelashes looked longer and fuller.

You can see on my left side (or the viewer's right side) that the hair is back to normal. However, on the other side there is still some gross residue.


  1. I love using oil in my hair too, but hate when it leaves it greasy! This sounds like a great remedy though, will def give it a go! I like the idea of using oil and soap to clean brushes too :) thanks for sharing!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. I heard you can also use grape seed oil too (I was looking this up because we have some) since it's lighter in feel and smell. And yes, definitely mix 1 part olive oil + 1 part liquid dish soap, swirl your brushes around and massage the brush hairs then wash off with cold water. It actually works better than a few of the brush cleaners being sold (and less expensive too!)

  2. I love Nioxin when I get bald spots. My hair grows in much faster and feels healthier. Another thing I tried that helped strengthen and thicken my hair was a John Masters Organics spray for thinning hair. My husband laughed when I would hold the baby hairs up to show they how much they grew. Have you tried Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Shampoo? I always stock up on the salon Shampoos and Conditioners when Ulta has their sales and bonus points. That stuff works amazing on grease too or another cheap version I've tried and it's supposed to leave your hair shiny is apple cider vinegar either pour it over your head or mix it with your shampoo when you're combating grease!