February Favorites

Although February was a quite eventful month for me (2 year anniversary of my dad's death, Valentine's Day, 6 year anniversary with Cecilio, getting my US citizenship [more on that]...) I have only highlighted a few things on here.

1. Doctor Love Frame Satchel (Betsey Johnson): I really love this purse. I'm happy that I bought it although when I did, it I got it for 30% off but no free shipping without a coupon (you couldn't use more than one coupon). However, since I got it, I saw Betsey Johnson having 40% off sales + free shipping! Imagine how much I would have saved! Anyway, it's such a girly but classic looking purse, a little bit different from Betsey's loud, super-pink and leopard styles (don't get me wrong, I love those too but I wanted something that could go well with anything). I reviewed it here.

2. NYX Intense Butter Glosses: Right now I have the shades Funnel Delight (what is shown up here), Apple Crisp, Orangesicle, Sorbet, Toasted Marshmallow and Banana Split. As much as I like orange lipsticks, I don't really like Orangesicle. It's too overwhelming for me. I have MAC Pro long wear lip creme in Good To Go (another orange shade) but the lack of gloss there makes it more subtle. Sorbet and Banana Split are a tad light but I can see them growing on me. My favorites are Funnel Delight and Apple Crisp. Toasted Marshmallow is more of a fall shade. I'm still on the hunt for the shades Napoleon and Chocoalte Crepe (they were not available at the Ulta store when I went yesterday).

3. Peter Pan at the Sacramento Ballet: Cecilio and I spent our 6 year anniversary watching Peter Pan. We were very lucky to get in free because of my student ID. Well...the lady let us in for free. I expected a discount, but hey we'll take it! There were lots of kids, but we both really enjoyed the show. I do like the Disney movie Peter Pan which is what this play is based off of, but I wished the music had the classic songs like "Second Star to the Right". The play was beautiful: the choreography, set design, lighting, acting, etc. I do love ballet and I have taken on and off classes, and hopefully when I have time (and my license back) I will take adult ballet classes again. Cecilio said even though he's not too crazy about ballet, he does appreciate the art.

4. Sephora Ultimate Oil-In-Gel Lipstick Remover: I've been looking for a lipstick remover and you don't really hear about them; you mostly hear about removers for eye and face makeup. Which I find too drying for my lips. Hell, I even thought about inventing one (I still do...I still sometimes daydream about owning my own cosmetics company someday...like Maureen Kelly of Tarte) until I found this one on sale for $5 online. So I bought this along with the Josie Maran Lip and Cheek Oil for $23 total (I used my VIB free shipping card) and I have to say it does work wonderfully with removing my lips. A bit greasy but that's to be expected.

5. LUSH Skin Drink: I actually bought this in January because my skin has been feeling so dry from the winter. This weather in Northern California is really weird right now. It's gone up to 72 degrees on some days (I know...humblebrag) but on other days it's only 50-something degrees (that's nothing to people in other regions, but that is super cold for us Californians). When my skin feels tight and parched, I slap this on. I was using LUSH Imperialis moisturizer but I already emptied the pot (I am trying to empty some pots to get the free face mask). This is thicker than Imperialis and more moisturizing. This is more of a night cream since it leaves quite a greasy feeling if you put too much, and it's more suited for winter than summer (though I will still use it until I run out).

6. Getting my US Citizenship: So as of February 25, 2015, I officially became a US Citizen. I was born in the Philippines but my family moved to the States when I was 2 and a half (in 1992). I've been a permanent resident for quite sometime but my mom and I applied for our citizenship in December, went through biometrics in January and I took the interview/test on February 11. I can't believe how fast it was and how bittersweet the oath ceremony was. It was an exciting event, almost like a second birthday. I loved it when the speaker had people stand up whenever he named the country they were from. There were around 600 people from 70-something countries. Mexico had about 175 people. Philippines came after, having 78 people. Even India had 72 (which I thought that was also really neat, as I am 3/4 Indian). After the ceremony I immediately registered to vote and I am going to apply for my US passport soon so I can easily travel to other countries.


  1. That Betsey Johnson purse is so pretty and cute, I love it! :D Sucks about the 40% off though, I hate when that happens!
    I wish I was more of a gloss girl, everyone always takes about the NXY butter glosses and they do look super nice, but I'm just never sure if I'd wear them in the end.. :/
    And thanks for commenting on my blog! :) x

  2. Love these! Have you seen ours? x