Christmas recap

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I'm not gonna lie and say I don't enjoy getting presents, because I do and I really love and enjoy what I got from my loved ones! But more importantly, I love that we all come together as a family and enjoy each other's company. I love the spirit it brings, especially because it was Jesus' birthday. I love the songs ("Deck the Halls", "Joy to the World" and "Hark the Heralds" are among my favorites), the trees and the treats.

My family and I always celebrate Christmas Eve. It's usually a Filipino thing, since most Filipinos are Catholic (we are not), they usually go to midnight mass. That has always been our tradition as long as I could remember. However, Cecilio's family is Catholic so they go to mass on Christmas Eve and celebrate the next day. I came over to their house for the past 2 years to celebrate with them.

Hope you enjoy these pictures! (sorry for the quality in some of them, I shot with my iPhone 5c and the lighting in my house is pretty dark and warm-toned)

Our tree

My little Olaf. He absolutely hated this costume. Cecilio kept prodding me to take it off since he felt so bad for him.

Flora Claus!

Our appetizers with cheese, crackers, grapes and sliced meats.

Turon, a Filipino desert caramelized and filled with jackfruit and brown sugar. It's one of my favorites. We ordered our dinner and desserts at Sari Sari Buffet.

My niece Emma and her dog, Sandie, a lhasa apso. Also known as Aris and Flora's cousin.

My love and I's 6th Christmas together. 

A few presents I got! In the background is a Vera Wang dress my mom got me from Kohl's. I absolutely love it. She also got me a $50 Ulta Gift Card (I just ordered the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol. 1 Matte palette and the NYX matte bronzer with it). I also got the kidney plush, toast warmers and MAC Studio Fix Plus Foundation from Cecilio. I love it so far and I'm going to review it soon. That Hot Cheetos was from Emma. She totally knows, me, I laughed when I opened it! 

The cow figurine from my 18 year old nephew Nico and MAC lip glass in Russian Red from Cecilio.

A container of animal figurines from Nico and Emma. I've always wanted to get these at the toy stores (for decoration) but they are always so expensive. They really know my love for farm animals!

Chesapeake Bay Candle Electric Warmer. I just plug it in and wait for it to heat, then I break the wax cubes (Sea Breeze scent) to keep my room smelling good! I can't wait to try this and other scents! I got this from my sister and my brother in law.

Sandie and Flora.

Here's a throwback of my 2nd grade school picture! We've kept this ornament all these years.

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