Post-birthday haul from Francesca's Collections

So it's been almost a month since my birthday passed, but during then I went to the Bay Area and spent time with my best friend Rebecca, since her birthday was on October 17. We (Rebecca, Cecilio, my other best friend Nate and I) all had a good time hanging by the beaches and even though we struggled to find out where we would have lunch, we ended up at a Peruvian restaurant in Pacifica. We dropped Rebecca off and she gave me a $40 Francesca's Collections gift card. It was so thoughtful and sweet and I never expected it. Rebecca, thank you so much for being by my side for 15 years (we met in 5th grade, she was new at our elementary school) and even though I moved to Sacramento after 6th grade, we always found a way to keep in contact and we started seeing each other again since 2009.

Francesca's Collections is one of my favorite stores. Ever since I saw it in Arden Fair Mall, I KNEW it would be one of my favorite stores. I adore the kitschy, bright motifs, the jewelry and other adorable knick-knacks (I got Cecilio a manatee-tea infuser AKA the Manatea). I think of it as a more colorful (and more affordable) version of Anthropologie.

I got a cream-colored satchel purse for $24.98 (originally $68). It's faux-leather with golden accents, and the size is 18" x 14" so its fairly large enough to carry essential items (wallet, phone, water bottle, makeup bag, etc.) along with other things (notebooks or camera). It also comes with attachable longer straps (not shown in picture) which is good because sometimes I like wearing bags across my opposite shoulder to add less weight. Even though I've had colored purses such as pink, violet, green, etc. it's nice to have neutrals to go well with any kind of outfit. I've been more into neutrals with my makeup and accessories. But when it comes to clothes, color is my thing.

And if you look closer, you can see I got a little piece of jewelry, which has the letter C (for Cecilio, obviously). I usually either don't wear jewelry at all or wear the chunky type, so it's a nice change to have something small and dainty that will go well with most outfits, while showing my love and affection.

C–a social animal who craves the closeness of others (sounds like me, despite being an introvert)

Last but not least is this watch. I thought it would be attachable but it's not, it's worn like a cuff bracelet. There's no numbers either, so I just bought it because I thought it was pretty and would go well with some outfits...well, ok, the main reason I bought a watch (because I usually never wear watches, why need one when we have phones?!) is because wherever I go for traveling now, I need a watch while I'm on the plan to determine what time I need to take my medications and correspond with the time zone. For example, I usually take my meds at 9 am and 9 pm PST, but in Hawaii (since it's 3 hours earlier) I would take my meds at 6 am and 6 pm. I wish I had that idea earlier. My not knowing was what caused my seizure in the Philippines. Also, I could've avoided A LOT of heartache if I didn't skip a few meds here or there, which I got away with a few times but not in June, my most recent seizure.

Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week as we all prepare for the holidays.


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