Why I returned the Urban Decay Electric Palette + birthday swag & reflections.

Do you ever see something you really wanted and kept thinking about it, then once you got it it turned out not as special or amazing as you thought it would be?

That's what I felt about the UD Electric Palette. I reviewed it here and I found myself only using it twice. Once at the Anberlin concert, and another time during school. During the time I wore it at school, that's when I really started to regret it. It seemed to me that either the colors faded (even with primer!) or there was never enough pigment to begin with. That's exactly how I felt with Revolt, the silver shade. Which was a huge disappointment because I don't have a silver eyeshadow and it looked perfect on the palette, but as soon as I applied it to my eyes I had to keep brushing at least 5 times. Plus, the other shades stained my lids after. I mentioned in the previous review that I wore bright color eyeshadow as a teenager, but now that I am in my 20s (I'm actually going to turn 25 in half an hour, PST) I stick to neutrals and I now have a better understanding of what makeup shades go well with my skin tone, outfits and the season. Don't get me wrong, I love purples! Jilted and Urban were my favorite shades, and I really loved Fringe. I just couldn't see myself wearing it everyday like I do with my Naked 3 and Chocolate Bar palettes. And when I spend that much $49 on makeup, I want to be sure I get my money's worth by using it everyday. Instead, I will pick and choose certain shades of the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow. Not now though since I also burned some money with buying makeup along with printing and design projects.

Luckily I only had the UD Electric palette for 2 weeks and Sephora has an efficient return policy. I had the receipt so I exchanged it for the Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation, which i have been eyeing on for months but I know I will be using it a lot. I've heard such remarkable things about it; how it makes your face look flawless in pictures. I actually only started wearing foundation 2 years ago, with my first one being the MAC Face & Body. I liked it a lot I had it for a long time and I recently found out that the MAC foundations start to separate when you have it for a while. I've also been using Loreal True Match Lumi. But I still kept looking at the MUFE HD foundation!

Here is a side by side comparison. Left photo is my bare face, and right side is me with the MUFE HD foundation.

I'm really liking how lightweight it is yet it offers a flawless coverage. I certainly think this is buildable for even more coverage. It actually feels lighter than some of my BB creams! The employee who helped me matched my shade, which is 128 (Almond—for medium skin with beige undertones). I will certainly using this on a regular basis, over my BB cream or primer. What surprised me is that it came out really liquid-y when I pumped it, but that is because water is the first ingredient. Also, the glass bottle makes me want to be extra careful with it for fear that it'll break!

I also got the sample size of the Benefit Porefessional while waiting in line. It's $10 for .25 oz. It's often compared with the Maybelline Baby Skin (which is 22 ml. for $6) because of the packaging (seriously, they both come in tubes and are very similar in color!) and pore minimizing properties! I'll do a side by side comparison review soon. Also, I was able to avail of the Beauty Insider Birthday Gift, which is a MUFE box of the sample size Rouge Lipstick in N9 (Copper Pink) and the Smoky Extravagant Mascara.

Sephora Hauls

 I also went to MAC and got this Satin lipstick in Del Rio which is a plum nude. I am very picky with nudes but this was perfect, not too light or too dark. I also have been curious to try the blushes since that is one of the things MAC is known for. So I got Peachykeen, which is a sheertone finish (meaning you can build up to it to add more color as you wish) It's good for fair–medium tones.

So now as I write this I have been 25 for 5 minutes. I don't feel old at all. I know I have been lamenting about how I feel like I haven't accomplished a lot in my life. I even had a meltdown in front of Cecilio today because I have been so stressed out about school and feeling like I'm not a good enough designer compared to my other classmates, and it's just been killing me but I'm trying harder than ever. He told me I needed to stop hating myself and my work because even if I don't see it, I AM getting better. I know I need to give myself credit. I have improved vastly but I still have those moments where I feel so...not creative. But everyone who dabbles in creative work feels that way. I know I should see my classmates and let it motivate me to work harder, which I do. But I can't let it discourage me or make me feel like the crappiest designer in the world. I've also been a bit stressed because we have a big presentation on Wednesday and I have to get my work together. Anyway, I'm going to SF with Cecilio and my two best friends Nate and Rebecca for the Walk To End Lupus Now event, and we will be having lunch a bit afterwards. It might be crazy there considering the Giants are in the World Series and will be having their game there. It will be fun though, I promise!

Thanks for reading <3

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