New Blog Title...again?! Plus, LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Review

Third time's a charm! I changed my name from "Just Hantastic" to "Floraful". It all started last night when I was looking up reviews for the MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick (which I ended up ordering on the Macy's website!) and Google just happened to show Hantastic Beauty's review of the lipstick. I was so disappointed, thinking I came up with a clever name already! However, I decided to change it because the blogger seemed already pretty established. It was hard to come up with the name. I didn't want something that had "beauty" "fashion" "makeup" or any of those buzz names. I wanted to name this blog after Flora, my 16 week old Morkie. I loved the name "Florabella" or "Florabelle" but it was already named after someone who makes Photoshop Actions and Textures! Then..."Floraful" rang a bell in my head. Thus, the name "Floraful" was born.

My muse

While I'm waiting to download all of the Adobe Creative Cloud on my new laptop, I will be reviewing the LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint. Can you say I'm in love?! I found out about LA Girl through the fellow beauty junkies on Instagram. They photographed photos of their Glazed Lip Paints and each shade looked luscious on their beautiful faces. Whatever it was, I wanted it. So I went online and window shopped around. They had a tutorial on how to contour with the Pro Conceal! I looked for the Lip Paints and what do you know?! They had 18 shades, FOR ONLY $4. These babies are considered the dupes of the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks (in terms of packaging, pigmentation, finish, etc. they are almost the same!) which is $21. So yes, I ordered 5 of the paints along with 2 concealers (to contour) and a brown gel eyeliner.

From left to right (on the top photo), and top to bottom (on my arm): Seduce (violet), Blushing (fig/mauve), Feisty (orange-red), Hot Mess (coral), Bombshell (blue-based hot pink)

Although I'm naturally attracted to warm, orange shades (which is why I got Feisty and Hot Mess), I would say that Bombshell is my favorite shade so far. I must really craving for hot pink if I kept longing for Candy Yum Yum, huh?! Anyway, it matches my medium skin tone perfectly. I feel that this is a shade I could use on casual days or on nights out. I feel like I could go time travel to the 80s! Blushing, Bombshell and Seduce are better suited for the spring whereas Feisty and Hot Mess bring out the summer tan. But I can see myself use using any shade year round as long as I coordinate it with my outfits, cheeks and eye makeup. The Glazed Lip Paints are much more moisturizing than the Too Faced Melted lipsticks (which I have in Violet and Coral) as it contains Vitamin E and peppermint oil. Both have the pigmentation of a lipstick with a glossy finish, and have paint tubes as the packaging with bright colors. The Melted lipsticks, however, have a sponge that makes the application more smooth. Both last pretty decently for a couple of hours, but if I were out and about all day (school, errands, etc.) I would slightly retouch. My only disappointment is that on the website, Blushing comes off as a peach shade but it actually turns out to be more mauve.

Sorry Too Faced, I love you but LA Girl promises me the same deal with 1/5 the price. Next time I order, I will get Gleam and Tango. If you're tired of the same ol' at Sephora or the drugstore, you may want to check out some of the indie makeup brands like LA girl. Looks like I'll be buying more paints as well as other products!

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