SFA Mixer Makeup!

Of all the clubs I have been interested in or scoped out at Sacramento State, SFA (Student Fashion Association) is always the one I stuck with consistently. Now, I haven't been as involved as I would've liked due to lack of transportation, but this time I will try to make it work and immerse myself as much as possible. I have designed flyers for them in the past and I still have an interest of doing so. I've always dreamed of doing something in the graphic design or fashion industry...when I was 16 years old, I found out about FIDM and all the majors they had (I was particularly interested in fashion/graphic/interior design and visual communication), so I wanted to go there and I would try to experiment with their entry projects...but circumstances led me to stay in the area. Thank goodness Sac State has an excellent graphic design program. I'm so thankful everyday to be a part of it, however competitive and intense it may be. And SFA is very involved on campus and in the fashion scene in Sacramento. I know most people don't think of Sacramento when they think fashion forward; that usually goes for LA, NYC, maybe SF, Miami...but we do have a decent amount of boutiques in Midtown and Downtown. Being a graphic design major AND in SFA merges both of my passions.

We had our first mixer in Jessica's house (the current SFA president) and the theme was Tiffany blue. I didn't take a lot of photos (I regret it!) because while I am pretty friendly, it does take me a while to warm up. Most people who know me know I am very quiet at first. I try to make the initial conversation at first but a lot of times I hold back. I don't know if it's a mental block from the past, thinking people don't like me (they probably do, I just have to get rid of that mindset once and for all!)

The only selfie I've taken on my phone with new SFA buddies, Greg and Donovan. I've taken other selfies with other girls in their cameras.

I absolutely adored my makeup that I didn't want to take it off before I went to bed! But alas, all good things must come to an end.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
Tarte BB Tinted treatment 12 hour primer (medium)
Loreal True Match Lumi Foundation (N5)
Tarte CC under eye corrector (medium-tan)
Too Faced Amazing Face Powder Foundation (Honey Beige)
Sephora Baked Sculpting trio (sophisticated)...for contour and highlight
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush (hot tamale)

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Sin)
Too Faced Chocolate Bar ("White Chocolate" for browbone, "Creme Brulee" and "Haute Chocolate" for lids, "Gilded Ganache" for crease, and "Semi-Sweet" for eyebrows)
LA Girl gel liner (dark brown)
Maybelline Mega Plush Volumexpress Mascara (blackest black)

Loreal Colour Riche Lip Liner (Rouge)
MAC Lipstick (Russian Red)

...then I finished it off with NYX Dewey setting spray.

Oh, I loved how I blended my eyeshadows together. The shimmers are perfect for the nights out. Usually, I just use the matte shades, and sometimes when I blend "Milk Chocolate" and "Semi-sweet" on my lid they end up looking the same, no matter how much I load the brush :( I think I'm getting better at this though. Oh and I am crazy obssessed with the Russian Red lipstick! It's one of the MAC cult favorites for red lipstick along with Ruby Woo. I was going to get Ruby Woo at first, but after finding out that it was a Retro Matte finish (meaning it's a lot more drying and harder to apply), I decided to go with Russian Red. Both have cool tones to make your teeth look whiter, and Russian Red is darker. Since it's a regular matte finish, it's not as drying as Ruby Woo but it still lasts pretty long too. I wore it for 8 hours and it only faded by like 5%. Russian Red has got to be one of my favorites now so I'll definitely keep wearing it!

And for nostalgia, here are some old flyers for SFA I designed...that was during Spring 2013, before I got officially accepted into the graphic design program. I have really come a long way since then.

Insight Coffee's Third Thursday Throwdown!

I'm going to be posting about smaller, independent coffee shops in Sacramento because for my graphic design class, GPHD 145 (Visual Image, aka "magazine class"...even though we also have a campaign class), the magazine I'm working with my group on will have a focus on local coffee and tea shops that are non-chain. I live in Elk Grove, a suburb within the county and there is a Starbucks on every corner! No joke, even the ones in Target and Safeway. Yup. There's gotta be at least 15 Starbucks in our city alone. I usually go to Starbucks for the convenience and I love their drinks. But I also enjoy a small cafe in the middle of any downtown city. I want to be able to sit down and enjoy a freshly made coffee or mocha in the middle of the hustle and bustle. I grew up suburb but I love the city life. Well...I did grow up in Daly City as a child, which is the neighbor to San Francisco, which is why I'm so crazy about it.

For my contribution in our magazine project, I will be going to the events the local cafes will host. Tonight I went to Insight Coffee Roasters for their Third Thursday Throwdown. Insight has 3 locations, but this event takes place in their Capitol location (on 10th and K Street). TTT is a competition between coffee lovers who can show who can create the best latte art. They competitors are judged based on 4 categories: symmetry of pour, contrast between the white foam and the crema of the espresso, difficulty of the pour, and quality of the pour. Insight has been hosting this event since July, and they are a part of SPLAT (Sacramento Public Latte Art Tournament) along with 3 other cafes: Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, Old Soul, and Temple Coffee & Tea. All of these cafes host tournaments and earn points for a grand prize and the ranking of Sacramento's Best Latte Artist. In addition, the winner of this month's TTT will receive two tickets to see A Film About Coffee at the Crest Theater.

Insight hosts various events such as classes, seminars, and demos. Education is valuable to them, as they want to demonstrate to the public that we too can make awesome coffee. They get their coffee in the farms from different regions such as Central America, Brazil, Africa, and Sumatra.

Since Insight closes at 7 pm, I didn't get a chance to taste their coffee because TTT was from 7–9 pm. But since I will be coming back more (specifically for my project, but now I am more interested in their coffee), I will write about whatever I order. But since this entry is all about the event, here are the pictures I took:

My first Ipsy Glambag

I signed up to get the monthly Ipsy Glambag in July but I was on the waitlist for a while. I really wanted to get monthly subscriptions so while I was waiting I signed up for Birchbox and Graze (a weekly healthy snack box, which I loved but cost $6.49 a week so I cancelled it). You could imagine the excitement I got when I got the email that Ipsy was going to ship my bag and start billing my account.

Ipsy was created by Michelle Phan, if you don't know who she is...well, I can't help you. Upon signing up you take a survey regarding what are your needs for hair, skin, makeup, etc. and what brands you like. Almost everyone weekly gets the same goodies with 1 or 2 different things. Here's what I got:

NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow in Burlesque, Briogeo Don't Despair Repair deep conditioning mask, Crown Brush C476 crease/shadow, Pacifica natural minerals eyeliner in fringe, and Cailyn Art Touch tinted lip gloss in Basic Instinct.

My favorite would be the lip gloss, hands down. At first I wasn't sure that I was going to be too hot about it. I am more into bright colors and glossy red lips (although I have been getting into nudes more recently!) I saw on Instagram that some people got "Love Affair" which is red. But after putting on "Basic Instinct", I instantly fell in love. It's pink with peach undertones. I could use this for casual days. It suits best on fair to medium tones. For a tinted lip gloss, it does have medium-full coverage, which is a plus in my book. It's also easy to apply and smooth. Not as other drying as my other lip glosses. I wore this for 16 hours and reapplied only 3 times.

The NYX Hot Singles eyeshadow is the shade Burlesque, which is a shimmery dark purple. It's nice to use as a crease (which is what I did in the picture below) or a liner.

I like the double ended brush too. The hairs were able to catch a lot of eyeshadow. I need more brushes in my life so I'm happy to get this.

I feel "meh" about the eyeliner, probably because it smudges (I also was in a hurry so I forgot to set it with powder afterwards). It's dark brown, which is nice because I have been getting into more dark browns for eyeliner since sometimes black can add a bit too much punch.

I used the lip gloss, eyeshadow and eyeliner yesterday!

The only thing I haven't tried is the Briogeo hair mask. I've been using Nioxin shampoo and conditioner to thicken my hair. Thankfully my hair has been growing back, so I will try this conditioner someday. It has some good reviews, saying it leaves the hair soft and smooth. So I'll definitely try this and review it on its own!

Between ipsy and Birchbox, I have to go with the former. Why? Because I like the products better and the idea of having a new makeup bag every month. I could also use it for my school supplies! The box is too bulky for me, although the website has many tips on how you can use the box. The lip gloss on ipsy had me sold. I like Birchbox too, but I am a student, so I am unable to subscribe to both since I have to pay for my supplies, printing projects, doctor co pay visits, bills, Creative Cloud Subscriptions...but maybe once I get out of school I'll renew the Birchbox subscription. I have to give them props though for having an app and a more established website.

I've been craving for Candy Yum Yum and I finally got my sweet tooth!

What kind of makeup junkie would I be without at least some of the cult favorites from MAC? I ordered MAC's Candy Yum Yum and Russian Red lipsticks, along with Stila All Day Vinyl lipgloss in Terracotta and Urban Decay original eyeshadow primer.

Like I said before, I have been really into bright pink lips. I have 5 of the LA Girl glazed lip paints and Bombshell is my favorite. I also adore NYX butter lipstick in Little Susie. So it's not a surprise after contemplation that I decided to get Candy Yum Yum.

It's not the most appropriate color for the fall (as we're heading towards reds, berries, golds and browns) but whatever, I like how it goes on me. It suits most skin tones which is why it's very popular. In the picture above, I wore it on the way to class. It's best for nights out but if you want to wear it on a casual day, just tone down the eye and face makeup. It's a blue based hot pink, which is also why my boyfriend thought it was more of a purple shade! Most hot pink shades remind me of being in an 80's movie, and I like 80's movies (thanks to the influence of my older sister) which is why it's a plus in my book.

It's $16, which is about mid range in the makeup world. It's a matte finish, meaning it's all flat color, no shimmer. I love mattes because I want the color to pop out on my lips. They also last pretty long. What I don't love is the drying effect. I exfoliated prior to putting this on using Vaseline and brushing my lips with a toothbrush and applying Blistex balm. At first it wasn't too bad but after maybe 3-4 hours the skin started to peel. I'm still on the lookout for the perfect method to getting soft, smooth lips everyday because I love color and I love lipsticks and lip glosses. They make me feel sexy. If you're feeling a little bold and edgy I would very much recommend this. Beware of the drying effect, especially because MAC is one if the more drying brands.

Staying positive throughout the challenges of chronic illness.

Having a chronic illness can really drain you physically and emotionally. Although physically I am feeling pretty good, it's the mental and emotional aspect that has been sucking the life of me and during these past few weeks, I've been fighting to stay strong and positive throughout it all. Now I know it's not easy, and those who have a medical condition have every right to feel resentful. I've been struggling with depression because of my lupus. I look at myself in the mirror and am dissatisfied because the prednisone has ballooned me from 120 to 150 pounds on my 5'4" frame. Now, I've never been or never will be a size 0 and I have come to terms with that. During my sickest I would maybe fit in a size 2. But my friends and family were so worried, and I was very weak and frail. I was desperate to get healed, and while prednisone is that miracle drug, the side effects wreaked havoc on me. I never felt like any of those "pretty girls" with super thin figures, flawless faces, perfect hair or clothes (especially if they are white). The ones who could easily cruise by life with everyone admiring them...the women wanting to be them, the men wanting to date them (not that that matters to me since I am in love with Cecilio), the employers who would hire them right away (even if a plainer looking person had the same qualifications), the one everyone wanted to be friends with. So, I've always wanted to be and feel beautiful, especially to society. But now I am realizing that beauty is subjective, and while it is more important to feel and look good on the outside, it's more important to truly believe that on the inside, and to have a beautiful heart.

I had my appointment with my rheumatologist today and nephrologist yesterday. Both of them are working to taper my prednisone, which has been on 15 mg since April (down from 80 mg last November!) and the only change they made was increasing my losartan from 25 to 50 mg to help with my blood pressure and the protein in my kidney (which is why I had to go back on prednisone in the first place and why it's been at a standstill). Normally, I would've been so upset and angry. And I was when I visited them the past few times. But this time, I expected it and I learned to accept it. I kept telling myself as I went in the clinic, "No matter what happens, I am gonna get through this and I'm going to show them that I am happy and grateful that they are taking care of me." I still hold on to the hope that I will taper off of prednisone and that I will be back to my normal weight, and I know my doctors are doing everything they can for that to happen. My frustrations were that it wasn't happening as fast as I wanted it to.

I am going through the same situation when it comes with my seizures. I had a seizure in January when I was in the Philippines, and in June. It makes me CRAZY (which is a mild word) because I am not allowed to drive and I have to rely on everyone for transportation. It pains me because I used to be able to drive to school and I could stay as long as I wanted to study, or I could've gone to Starbucks, the store to get supplies, etc. it was those little things that pleasured me and made me feel independent. Now, I feel helpless. Especially when I see my classmates getting jobs and internships and I am not because of transportation issues (my brother in law already drives me around a lot to school, and my mom is very busy). I know my family and Cecilio are able to drive me around and for that I am thankful. I am thankful that I was able to book an appointment with my neurologist on December since I was supposed to follow up on the last seizure within 3-6 months. I hope and pray that she will allow me to drive and sign the DMV papers.

All of this is making me a stronger person and more patient. This week is Invisible Illness Week. So many people like me, although they look fine and may not look disfigured or have a wheelchair or cane, are at war with their bodies everyday. These illnesses include but are not limited to lupus, fibromyalgia, Chron's, diabetes, etc. and it can affect the quality of life physically and emotionally.

It's easy to lament on the old life you used to have and the things you used to have before your illness flared up. But don't let it destroy you. I know I did, and I have days where I just want to disappear. But being on prednisone helped me rediscover my love for makeup. It makes me feel beautiful (although I know I am just as much without it) and my growing passion became just enough to create this blog. I also hope to inspire just one person too, and I think these uncomfortable situations have helped me grow and gain more compassion for others.

I encourage you to stay grounded and know that whatever you are going through, you are not alone, and it won't be forever. And if you ever have on and off hard situations again (like I do), know that you will come out of the refiner's fire.

Alright, I think I said my peace. I actually gotta run to my Spanish class, see ya!


Hauls Galore! Ulta + Coastal Scents + Birchbox...OH MY!

I have to admit, I have been buying like a mad woman. Sometimes it's easy to overlap a want vs. a need. I needed a special shampoo and conditioner that would promote hair growth since I have been suffering from hair loss again. I've always had thick, luscious hair, even with my lupus, but around December 2010 (when I started experiencing my first horrible flares) I started losing my hair. Around the beginning of this year, I noticed my hair growing back thicker. However, I observed that when my plaquenil increased in July (I took 400 mg everyday but only 200 mg on weekends, but now I take 400 mg everyday), the number of hairs ending up on my brush and the floor increased. I've heard some pretty amazing things about Nioxin, so I decided to take the plunge. It's not cheap. I got the System 1 (for thin/normal hair) Scalp therapy conditioner for $23 (the 10.1 oz bottle). Luckily I was able to avail of the Buy 2 Get 1 Free option on Ulta.com so I also purchased the 3.4 oz Nioxin System 1 Scalp Treatment for $25, getting the System 1 Cleanser shampoo for free. After the first use, I could not stop touching my hair because it was so silky. The shampoo and conditioner smelled like peppermint, which is a bonus because I LOVE peppermint. Peppermint mochas (why I look forward to winter), peppermint ice cream, peppermint patties...you name it. The peppermint oil and white tea extracts cleanse the scalp and add shine, while its cystine amino acids increases the strength and thickness of hair. I have high hopes for these products, so I will review them again in a few weeks.

I also got the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge! In the makeup world, the Beauty Blender is seen as the holy grail of sponges. Using the sponge instead of a brush for foundation makes it smoother to blend on the face. Unfortunately, the price is steep at $20 so I got the Real Techniques dupe for $6 which seems to work well. I tried it with my Tarte 12 hour BB cream and it blended into my face like a charm without looking too cakey. You can use the sides of the sponge to blend your foundation or BB cream, the tip can be used for touching up blemishes and the flat end is for contouring. I forgot to dampen it before using it in order for it to expand in size.

After seeing the summer sale on Coastal Scents (25% of eyeshadow palettes), I couldn't help but snag the 88 Original Palette for $12.32. The colors look bright and fun, and the case is flat at 9.12" x 6.53" x 0.5" (which makes it perfect for traveling), but I can't help but be disappointed because there is some fallout, and the shadows are not as pigmented and definitely did not last all day even though I used a primer. Usually when I use the primer, my eyeshadows can withstand 12+ hours. Not this one. The shadows completely creased and faded at the end of the night. This would be better suited for beginners trying to experiment, and I consider myself a beginner even though I wore makeup since I was 13...it's only now that I've been experimenting more and becoming much more serious about it. Which is also why I purchased the 22 piece brush set. It comes in a case which makes it perfect for traveling.

Coastal Scents 88 Original palette? Womp womp...

I'm also excited to get my first Birchbox! I seriously felt like I was opening a treasure chest. Beauty boxes are becoming all the rage (Birchbox, ipsy, Julep, Beauty Box 5, etc.) because you can get samples every month and try them out before making a full on purchase. And they are usually only $10 a month. Well for Birchbox, the women's boxes are $10 per month whereas the men's boxes are $20 per month. They go by a point system. If you earn 100 points, you can get $10 off of a full sized item from their shop. There are many ways to earn points: 1 point for every dollar spent on a full sized item, inviting friends, and 10 points for every sample review you write. I am expecting ipsy, another popular box (well actually a bag...the glam bag) founded by the famous Michelle Phan. I'll do a side by side comparison in another entry. Although I do keep hearing that Birchbox has more emphasis on skincare whereas ipsy has more makeup...
My samples: Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris Fragrance, K6 Skincare Clean Antioxidant Facial Cleanser, LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil (Bees Knees), Noir Cosmetics Long Wearing Eyeliner, and Whish Shave Craving Cream (Acai Grapefruit).

I'm totally satisfied with my samples. I needed an eyeliner so I'm glad I waited for this rather than purchasing one. I'm hoping that the cleanser will help with my pores, blackheads and whiteheads, and I also definitely needed the shaving cream since I recently ran out!

Thanks for reading!


New Blog Title...again?! Plus, LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Review

Third time's a charm! I changed my name from "Just Hantastic" to "Floraful". It all started last night when I was looking up reviews for the MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick (which I ended up ordering on the Macy's website!) and Google just happened to show Hantastic Beauty's review of the lipstick. I was so disappointed, thinking I came up with a clever name already! However, I decided to change it because the blogger seemed already pretty established. It was hard to come up with the name. I didn't want something that had "beauty" "fashion" "makeup" or any of those buzz names. I wanted to name this blog after Flora, my 16 week old Morkie. I loved the name "Florabella" or "Florabelle" but it was already named after someone who makes Photoshop Actions and Textures! Then..."Floraful" rang a bell in my head. Thus, the name "Floraful" was born.

My muse

While I'm waiting to download all of the Adobe Creative Cloud on my new laptop, I will be reviewing the LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint. Can you say I'm in love?! I found out about LA Girl through the fellow beauty junkies on Instagram. They photographed photos of their Glazed Lip Paints and each shade looked luscious on their beautiful faces. Whatever it was, I wanted it. So I went online and window shopped around. They had a tutorial on how to contour with the Pro Conceal! I looked for the Lip Paints and what do you know?! They had 18 shades, FOR ONLY $4. These babies are considered the dupes of the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks (in terms of packaging, pigmentation, finish, etc. they are almost the same!) which is $21. So yes, I ordered 5 of the paints along with 2 concealers (to contour) and a brown gel eyeliner.

From left to right (on the top photo), and top to bottom (on my arm): Seduce (violet), Blushing (fig/mauve), Feisty (orange-red), Hot Mess (coral), Bombshell (blue-based hot pink)

Although I'm naturally attracted to warm, orange shades (which is why I got Feisty and Hot Mess), I would say that Bombshell is my favorite shade so far. I must really craving for hot pink if I kept longing for Candy Yum Yum, huh?! Anyway, it matches my medium skin tone perfectly. I feel that this is a shade I could use on casual days or on nights out. I feel like I could go time travel to the 80s! Blushing, Bombshell and Seduce are better suited for the spring whereas Feisty and Hot Mess bring out the summer tan. But I can see myself use using any shade year round as long as I coordinate it with my outfits, cheeks and eye makeup. The Glazed Lip Paints are much more moisturizing than the Too Faced Melted lipsticks (which I have in Violet and Coral) as it contains Vitamin E and peppermint oil. Both have the pigmentation of a lipstick with a glossy finish, and have paint tubes as the packaging with bright colors. The Melted lipsticks, however, have a sponge that makes the application more smooth. Both last pretty decently for a couple of hours, but if I were out and about all day (school, errands, etc.) I would slightly retouch. My only disappointment is that on the website, Blushing comes off as a peach shade but it actually turns out to be more mauve.

Sorry Too Faced, I love you but LA Girl promises me the same deal with 1/5 the price. Next time I order, I will get Gleam and Tango. If you're tired of the same ol' at Sephora or the drugstore, you may want to check out some of the indie makeup brands like LA girl. Looks like I'll be buying more paints as well as other products!

Macy's Labor Day Haul + First Day of School!

I was able to pick up a few goodies at Macy's for Labor Day. They had 20% off sales, and you save more if you have a card (which I have). So my mom, sisters and I had to avail. Here's what I got:

Oops...that was my dog Aris wanting in on the stuff (and wanting my attention like he always does)

Isn't he adorable? Look at those eyes! I just had to take a picture...I love him to death.

Dress: Maison Jules
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Makeup: Tarte Colored Clay CC Under Eye Correcter, Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Brush

I am a huge Maison Jules fan. They are a Parisian inspired brand based in Macy's, and I dig the feminine colors, prints, and styles. Seeing and wearing the pieces from Maison Jules makes me want to have a picnic by the River Seine with Cecilio (lots of macarons please!) or talk with him in a cafe. I was fortunate to go to Paris in July 2013 and I wouldn't mind going back again. This is perfect for going to school, a casual sunny day, or a quaint date. I could see Zooey Deschanel in this!

I came across the jeans on accident in the fitting room. They are super stretchy and straight leg. I tried it on and I knew I had to have them. It was so comfortable and looked great on me. I can see myself wearing this baby out.

I was on the lookout for the perfect under eye concealer. Concealer (whether it's for the eyes or zits) have always been a weakness of mine when it comes to the art of applying makeup, and since I am pretty blessed to have fairly clear skin, I tend to avoid using it. But my eye bags are bad. I'm not sure if it's also a side effect from prednisone (as someone on Youtube mentioned a while ago) or if it's also if I had bad sleep. Luckily one of the employees at Macy's was able to help me out. He lead me to the Tarte Colored Clay CC Under Eye Correcter, which was perfect because I was wearing the Tarte Tinted Treatment 12 Hour Primer. He blended it really well with a brush, so I decided to also get the brush so that I could blend it better rather than just using my fingers. Afterwards, we set it with the Too Faced Primed and Poreless Pressed Powder. I haven't been wearing powder these days but I liked how it provided coverage and hid the redness of my skin better. It was looking cakey as I set it all over my face but I just had to blend more until the patches were gone.

My makeup for the first day of school. My under eyes are actually better in real life than in the photo, I'm just using my iPhone 5c and making use of the lighting. I'm also digging my Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss (in Scarlet). I bought it in June and used it only a few times, but I swiped it on and was re-impressed with the color and finish! I shall use it more often, and I like it enough to want to purchase it in Terracotta, Fuchsia and Melon! 

My first day of school outfit with my Chrome bag. Cecilio has been prodding me to get one since it has lots of pockets and you wear it across your body to avoid back pain. I've had many a messenger bag that caused back and shoulder pain and I felt like a regular backpack would no longer suffice. I have to bring my laptop, a binder, some tracing paper, a sketchbook, supplies, etc. It is a little awkward to use at first but the more I lug it around the more it'll get easier to deal with.

My first day was (well now yesterday, considering it is 12:14 AM PST) easy going. I only had Spanish, and the syllabus was straight forward. Thank goodness the class will be conducted in Spanish and English, because I took Beginning Spanish in the spring and everything went way over my head because the professor moved at a lightning speed pace. This class, on the other hand seems more laid back. On Mondays and Wednesdays I have my graphic design classes. I'll keep you updated on that. And here's to a kickoff for my last year in college!

Our SF ferry date on August 29

I haven't posted in a while since things have been crazy as I am transitioning into my senior year at Sacramento State. It has been an 8 year journey, with delays from sickness, my dad's passing, and attempts to get into the graphic design program. Today is my first day (Spanish) and I have 3 design classes tomorrow: motion design, advanced graphic design and magazine design. Anyway, my boyfriend Cecilio and I decided to go on a date to SF right before the craziness of my senior year starts, workload-wise. We go there a lot considering it's close by and I grew up in Daly City, but this time we decided to take the ferry for a fun, new experience and that he wouldn't have to drive like he always does.

At the Vallejo ferry to SF

Outside the Ferry Building

New Orleans iced coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee

This is our second time getting Humphry Slocombe ice cream in the ferry building. The lines are always long...but so delicious. Cecilio got Harvey milk and honey (on the right) and I got an olive oil flavored. An interesting but yummy combo!

Me at Union Square

We ate a delicious French restaurant called Bouche on Bush Street (hah, it rhymes!) and this is what I got. The food and wine were amazing, I can't remember half of their names but I'm dying to go back.

We've been together for 5 and a half years. There's been extremely rough times but I can't imagine being with someone else. We have built so many memories together...and every moment together is precious. I love you C!